This Is How Men Can Look Cool When They Wear Their Rings

The ring may be the last piece of jewelry that will be worn by men, especially those who are not married. Even so, there are still some men who deliberately use the ring, especially now that stone rings have boomed. There are even some people who deliberately wear rings instead of expensive watches. It’s because elegant rings that made of exquisite materials are also made men look more elegant and cooler, so we also suggest you gothic jewelry rings.

For those of you who are interested in using a ring, you should pay attention to important things such as the type, color, until the placement of the ring on which finger.

Finger selection

For finger selection, this is also quite tricky. First is the ring is worn on the little finger. Usually, this little finger is used for wedding rings, like those worn by Prince Charles. However, if you are not confident using your wedding ring on your pinky finger, you can still use your ring finger or middle finger. In addition, this middle finger can be used for stone rings, carved rings, to wooden rings.

Don’t over-use jewelry

Unlike women who emphasize jewelry more, the rules for men are different. You may wear jewelry, but try not to overdo it. For example, you don’t need to wear a watch, then add a ring or necklace. Also, when you have a ring on one finger, you don’t need to use another ring on the other hand.

Pay attention to the size of the ring

The last tip is to always pay attention to the size of the ring you are using. Experts suggest that if someone chooses the wrong side of the ring, it will be quite a disaster.

Don’t wear rings that don’t fit your body shape. The big ring is suitable for you with a big body, but it would be very bad if you use a thin person.