Cleaning Grill Properly

When there is a special event or welcoming the new year, maybe you choose to gather with the closest people and eat grilled dishes with a grill you can find at Not only on special occasions, but grilled and grilled dishes do also have a special taste that can be addictive. Unfortunately, because it uses seasoning, this leaves residue and makes the grill black or sticky. If the grill is black and sticky, these are surefire tips to clean the grill.

– Use a nylon brush for porcelain grills. Not all grills are made of stainless steel, because some use porcelain-coated iron. Compared to stainless steel, porcelain-coated iron is a better heat conductor. Due to the different materials, you cannot use the same method when cleaning them. Use a nylon brush while the grill is still hot. Avoid using a metal brush, which can scrape off the porcelain coating. Rinse and brush again if any dirt remains.

– Let cool, soak in soapy water, and use a gentle scrubber. For porcelain-coated iron grills, you should also be careful not to let them be cleaned in the dishwasher or use harsh soaps. Although the ability to conduct heat is very good and resists rust, the porcelain coating must be taken care of properly so that it does not peel off. You can let the temperature of the roaster go down first and then soak it in soapy water. Scrub the surface with a soft scrubbing tool such as a sponge or toothbrush. If the dirt is still sticky, soak again and brush.

– Heat, clean, and coat with vegetable oil. One of the surefire tips that you can do to keep your grill from sticking and turning black in the future is the following method. Heat your grill, clean with a nylon brush until the dirt is removed, then wipe clean. After that, take a small towel and lightly moisten it with vegetable oil. Use this rag over the entire surface of the grill. This will prevent rust and is great for keeping the seasoning from sticking easily. Just make sure you only use a small amount of oil.