How To Fertilize Soil

To get suitable soil for gardening, only knowing the type of soil and the characteristics of fertile soil is not enough, therefore you also need to know how to fertilize the soil properly and effectively. However, how? Is it difficult? Do you need expert help? You can follow these steps to fertilize the soil yourself with the help of a LOOT LION. How to fertilize this soil is guaranteed to be quite easy. Check out the full explanation below.

How to Fertilize Soil with Biological Methods

1. Add Material and Organic Fertilizer
The addition of organic matter and fertilizers is intended to improve soil quality in general. Organic matter is used to activate soil microorganisms to degrade organic matter itself.

2. Complete with Animal materials
Animal materials such as blood, bones, and animal hair have a fairly good nitrogen content that can be used as organic fertilizer.

3. Use Saw Fiber and Ash
Fiber and saw ash can be an efficient choice to increase the nitrogen content in the soil because they have sufficient nitrogen content, which is around 3 percent.

4. Take advantage of Seagrass
Seagrass is a type of seaweed with potassium which is important for the soil. Seagrass can help release soil minerals, promote plant growth, and prevent pests and diseases.

5. Maximize Compost Fertilizer
Compost made from green materials such as leaves and weeds is very good for increasing soil fertility because it contains the right C/N ratio and is clean from pathogenic bacteria.

6. Create a Green Manure
Green cover or green manure is obtained by planting plants such as weeds and other simple plants. When the plant dies, it will automatically become nutritious food for the main plant.

7. Add Biofertilizer
Biological fertilizers are not the same as organic fertilizers, especially non-organic fertilizers because they not only contain compounds for soil fertility but also certain microbes. These microbial compounds will stay in the soil and process organic materials into organic matter in the soil.

How to Healthy Soil with Non-Biological Methods

1. Add Chemical Fertilizer
Chemical fertilizers such as NPK, ZA, and urea are often used as soil nutrients because they can replace nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium properly.

2. Increase Mineral Content
Barren soil is caused by a lack of essential minerals such as boron, chlorine, copper, cobalt, iron, manganese, and others. Therefore, you need to add the rock material into the soil layer as a way to quickly fertilize the soil.

3. Add Granite Dust
Granite dust containing up to 5% potassium as well as additional minerals can be used to increase the potassium content in the soil to the right level.

4. Complete with Limestone
Limestone that can increase calcium in the soil can also be used to fertilize the soil and normalize soil pH that is too low.