Make Memorable Works For Memories On Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, for a child who is still 5 years old, of course, it will be a little difficult to be able to give gifts to you as a mother. Even with the possibility of understanding the existence of Mother’s Day, many 5-year-olds may still not understand and of course how they can express your child’s love for you. In this case, you as a mother can help your child to be able to express your child’s love for you. Where one way is to do various fun activities while still inserting the meaning of the mother’s day celebration. Of course, being able to make 5-year-olds express their love for us as mothers, will be the best gifts for Mother’s day. There are several things you can do with your child to make Mother’s Day a special and fun day. Like making interesting work, reading a book to your child, and seeing your childhood photos with your child.

In making works that can look interesting and memorable, you can do this by using paint and paper. Make sure you do this and also involve your child. So in this case, you can invite your child to do activities outside the home. Where you can ask your child to put his hand in the paint, then stick it on the paper. Also write the name, date, and expressions of your child’s love for you on the paper. After the writing paint is dry, you can frame it by giving a frame and displaying your child’s small handprint on the wall of your house.

You can do this activity every year or every Mother’s Day arrives. From here you as a mother will be able to see how cute your child’s hands. In addition, you can also read to your young child a book that contains beautiful things mother.

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