Complete Each Type of Carpet Washing Equipment for Laundry Business

A complete carpet cleaning equipment needs to be owned by every laundry business. The reason is, the equipment that must be provided is not the same as ordinary clothes washing equipment. Large carpet sizes with a variety of materials and has a thick texture need to be cleaned with special techniques and equipment. Starting from the polisher, jet pressure cleaner, blower, and many more. Some of the information about the following carpet cleaning equipment can help those of you who have just opened a laundry business to determine your every need. So, what are the equipment that needs to be prepared if a laundry business opens a carpet laundry service?

1. Polishers. This one equipment can help brush the carpet clean and be more practical. This machine works by rotating quickly and automatically. If you have this equipment, you don’t need to spend a lot of energy to brush and remove dirt from the carpet which is usually done using a regular brush.
2. Jet Pressure Cleaner. This machine is used before the carpet is cleaned using a polisher. Jet Pressure Cleaner functions in rinsing and removing foam on the carpet to the bottom. This cleaning equipment can remove water with high pressure so that the dirt that sticks can be completely removed.
3. Blowers. Even though it has been vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner, the carpet cannot be 100% dry. Therefore, the blower machine is still used to maximize the drying process. This machine can be used to dry carpets that are difficult to lift because of their size and lack of space for drying.
4. High Pressure. This machine is a water sprayer with high pressure. Generally, high pressure is often used also in car or motorcycle washing. The high pressure can knock out dirt, including dirt on the carpet.

A rubber mat is needed to facilitate the washing process, where it serves to cover the carpet so that it does not directly stick to the floor. By using this mat, the cleaned dirt can go directly to the bottom so that the carpet cleans faster.

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